------------------------------------- . T H E . T H I S . & . T H A T . O F . A . S T R E E T . G R A D . ------------------------------------



Come join Ryan, Dilly and myself at the final leg of the Test Drive Kia On Tour 2011 happening on Sunday, the 16th of October at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. If you're not aware of what's going on, its a roadshow that started way back in May where Naza Kia is promoting their latest models ( of CARS that is )...


Come check out the all new Kia Forte, the all new Kia Sportage, and of course the Kia Sorento and win mystery gifts if you test drive any of these award winning models...




The visitors from any of the Test Drive Kia On Tour 2011 stops will be able to win a brand new Kia Forte 1.6EX, and the lucky winner will be announced following the completion of the Test Drive Kia On Tour 2011 roadshow at The Curve. The Prize giving ceremony will be handled by Ryan, while Dilly and myself will be on-stage handling all the other activities ( and there's gonna be lots.. ) starting from 6pm all the way til 9pm.. So wether you're a car enthusiast or not, there's gonna be loads of fun, games and prizes to be won, so bring the whole family..

So make a date with us, Ryan, Dilly and Reefa this 16th of October, 6-9pm at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara for the final leg of the Test Drive Kia On Tour 2011 roadshow..  Looking forward to seeing you there!!

its Reefa and im out...


OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2011 Training Session


The big day is quickly approaching for the biggest cycling event in the country, the OCBC Cycla Malaysia 2011.. Ryan and myself cant be more excited, and on saturday the 1st of October we got to meet some of the team members for both Team Ryan and Team Reefa at our training session held at the Bukit Jalil park.


As early as 10am, we were all gathered at the meeting point at the bukit jalil stadium carpark, before we headed to the Bukit Jalil Park to get our cycle on! i have to say that being on a bicycle again after so long made me feel good and lively and it kinda made me feel like a kid again.. although the uphill parts were a little bit of a workout, but then speeding downhill with the wind in my face was just awesome!




After a tiring but really fun training session, it was finally time for us to chill out, get to know each other a little bit better, and of course to have a well deserved water break...



At one point of the training session, things got a little heated between Ryan and myself though, and so i had to show the captain of Team Ryan that Team Reefa was not to be messed with.......


hahahahahaha... obviously im kidding, we just had some of the people from St. Johns Ambulance present and Ryan just wanted to see what it felt like to have one of those neck braces on, and being the playful people that we are, we decided to take a picture of it.. ( disclaimer: no Ryan's were hurt in the taking of this photo :p )

Also i'd like to thank all our listeners who took the time off to make it for this training session, Jai, Johnathan, Eddie and Kevin..it was a great pleasure getting to know them and im really looking forward to seeing them again at the OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2011..

Last but definitely not least, i wanna say a big THANK YOU to my friends at Adidas Malaysia for dressing me up for the event.. Jess, Sam, Brian, Trixie, u guys ROCK!


RockAway 2011


The rock out concert of the year is coming to you this October! its the RockAway 2011 brought to you by One Buck Short & Friends, and it promises to be MASSIVE! The line up speaks for itself boasting some of the best rock acts the country, and the world has to offer.. Although the last minute cancelations of Sum 41 and Dashboard Confessional were a bit disappointing, but the inclusion of The Used, All Time Low and Story Of The Year is quickly making it look like the rock gathering of the year..

Honestly, although i am pretty psyched to catch those 3 headlining acts in action, i'm even more excited to watch our local boys, all 16 of them, rip it up this 8th of October at the Car Park A of the Stadium Bukit Jalil.. One Buck Short, Metalasia, Love Me Butch, Monoloque, LO, Hujan, They Will Kill Us All, Kyoto Protocol, Pop Shuvit and Project E.A.R, Deja Voodoo Spells, Massacre Conspiracy, Tres Empre, Busco, Oh Chentaku, Dichi Michi, and Twilight ActionGirl.. These are the acts that i'm paying my 88bucks to go see!

Now a couple of these acts have been going around tirelessly to promote the event and my boys One Buck Short even came by the astro studios..


And just when i thought the "meeting up with old buddies" session was over, guess who walks in...
its the man who was born with a guitar in his hand, Rithan and of course DejaVoodooSpells...


So im definitely pumped up, i got my rock t-shirt ready, my torn jeans, and of course my towel, cause im gonna be jumping up and down like a monkey and im gonna be sweating buckets! so if you havent gotten your tickets yet, head on down to AirAsiaRedTix.com.. Hope to see you there, and please say hi if you do see me..
Rock Rock On!... Reefa and im out..



to say that the show was rocking would definitely be an understatement! it was awesome to be a part of such a huge event (in fact the arthur's day celebration in Malaysia was the 2nd biggest one only after the one in Dublin).. the set up was huge, the turn out was great, and the entertainment was entertaining..


to be honest with you, i enjoyed the performances from our Malaysian artistes even more than Taio Cruz himself.. not selling him short or anything like that, but it was obvious that our performers just put that much more effort and preparation into their shows..

Prema yin kicked off the night with an energetic performance (i also thought her dancers were amazing! nothing to do with one of them being my gf. hehehe).. she also did a rendition of Adele's "rolling in the deep" which i thought was awesome..

next up was another rocking band, full of energy and presence, Dragon Red! what stood out about their performance was their rendition of "Careless Whisper" which blew everyone away.. good job guys..

needless to say when the queen of malaysian hiphop, none other than Mizz Nina took the stage, everyone was fired up and dancing and singing along. the fantastic visuals on the backdrop just added that much more style and colour to her set. oh and of course her dancers were good too, really filling up the stage well and making it that much more hype..

next up was the President, Joe Flizzow himself. one of the best performances of the night for me. rocking a live band, Dj Biggie on the decks and Sona1 to hype him up, it was an excellent performance.. he also brought in some asian flavour by bringing on a rapper from Thailand and a rapper from Japan. kudos to one of my very good friends for an unforgettable performance...

next up was none other than Taio Cruz himself.. no live band, no dj, no dancers, just Taio Cruz.it was still a good show though, as he got the crowd singing along and jumping up and down to his very well known tracks, but like i said, our Malaysian artistes performances were much more impressive for me..

as grandly as the night started, that just how it ended, with an awesome fireworks display filling the sky with sparks and colours to bring the Arthur's Day celebrations to an end.. well done to Guiness MY for hosting such an awesome event, im definitely looking forward to next year!